About Us

Zabi Ltd., founded in 1990, was originally a sole proprietorship named Locksmithing Zabi.


Steady growth generated substantial profits which led to the business transforming into a limited liability company in 2001. Owing to its extensive experience and increasing capacity, Zabi now operates across Poland and neighbouring countries, i.e. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania. The main production line, alongside the manufacturing facilities in Czaniec and Oświęcim, is constantly expanding.


The company’s strategy is to build a unique brand through original and reliable manufacturing processes based on state-of-the-art innovations. The ultimate goal is to meet the needs and expectations of customers while ensuring high quality products on top of the continual development of employees’ qualifications. This is to boost the company’s competitive advantage on the market.


Our long-term goals are to:

  • recognise and meet our clients’ needs,
  • improve product quality,
  • increase efficiency,
  • modernise the machinery,
  • launch new products.


Zabi Ltd. mainly produces wheels and wheel sets used for in-house transportation and warehouse trolleys. We offer scaffold castors, wheels, pneumatic wheels both in steady and swivel housings able to withstand a heavy load.

Our  products are widely used in agriculture as well as in the food, clothing, steel and construction industries. Their wide range can be tailored to customer’s needs by adjusting the stem diameter or creating bespoke moulds. Clients are also welcome to choose one of the three bearing types i.e. a ball bearing, a slide bearing or a roller bearing.

Zabi Ltd. ensures prompt and professional service combined with considerable expertise and professionalism.





Zabi Ltd. offers the following range of wheels and wheel sets:

  • metal and rubber wheels,
  • plastic and rubber wheels,
  • aluminium wheels,
  • aluminium and rubber wheels,
  • aluminium and polyurethane wheels,
  • polyamide and polyurethane wheels,
  • heavy load plastic wheels,
  • cast iron wheels,
  • pneumatic wheels,
  • gate carriages,
  • gate accessories,
  • pallet jack wheels,
  • lawn mower wheels,
  • furniture wheels.






Our offer also includes:

  • swivel housings,
  • swivel housings with a bolt,
  • swivel housings with a brake,
  • swivel housings with an  optional bolt,
  • steady housings with a hole (mounted with a screw),
  • steady housings.


Zabi Ltd. provides coating and polyurethane recovery treatment of wheels, rollers as well as other metal, iron cast or aluminium items. Polyurethane (PU, PUR) is a polymer obtained through addition polymerisation and melts far easier than polyamide which enables its fast processing. Its hardness (soft, flexible, hard, stiff) depends on the materials used and varies from 35 to 95 Shore degrees. The hardness of a material is assessed according to the PN-ISO 868 norm. We provide polyurethane of various degrees of hardness.


Polyurethane properties:

  • resistant to abrasion, water, weather,
  • capable of damping vibration completely,
  • resistant to petrol, sulphurous acid, fats, organic solvents,
  • does not age when in contact with oxygen and ozone,
  • high durability,
  • not affected by visible radiation (nor by UV),
  • resistant to temperature fluctuations from -30°C to 80°C,
  • mainly used to protect steel elements against corrosion and damage.


Polyurethane properties are easily adjustable which makes it a very versatile material. More and more frequently, polyurethane replaces traditional materials. For example, in terms of resistance to stretching, elongation, tearing and abrasion it vastly outweighs rubber. Items made of polyurethane are considerably long-lasting and extremely versatile.

Coating recovery

Zabi Ltd. handles recovery of wheels and rollers which involves:

  • removal of the old coating from the rolling elements,
  • application of a new coating,
  • mechanical processing of the surface.