Carriages and gate accessories

Our extensive experience in producing carriages and gate accessories ensures excellent workmanship. Solid structure and attention to detail guarantee the highest quality. All our carriages are made of long-lasting and resistant materials, which makes them very durable. The gate rollers are galvanized and protected from corrosion. They are available in two-, three-, five-, eight- and ten-roller sets with mounted bearings. The carriages available are equipped with plastic or metal rollers. Such rollers are suitable to be used in underslung elements, gates or rail doors. A horizontal plastic roller acts as a guide roller, while vertical rollers are support rollers. A plastic roller, commonly coming in white, gets abraded 30% more than a metal one. Precisely-made and accurately-assembled items ensure no deflection of the gate. The base of a carriage has four longitudinal holes enabling its adjustment. A carriage is assembled by being welded or screwed to a metal structure, depending, on the carriage type. The following types of gate carriages are available: steady carriages, height adjustable carriages, self-aligning carriages, self-aligning and adjustable carriages as well as carriages with a flat bar.